ph-consulting group, inc. has been contributing to the successful growth of the global wind energy industry for over 20 years by providing a full range of services for developers, manufacturers, owners, and financiers investing in wind energy.  Our wind energy consulting services cover the entire life-cycle of wind projects and include wind resource assessment, wind project due diligence, development assistance and owner’s engineering along with advisory services and health, safety & environment analysis.  We also offer financing services through global partners whom we have worked with on multiple wind and solar projects over the years. 

In addition to Wind and Solar projects, we also specialize in systems integration of Hydroponics and Aquaponics with stand-alone power supply using, natural gas generators, solar, geothermal and wind.

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Sao Paulo covers all of Latin and South America and
our US office covers North America, Europe and Asia.
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Why should you consider our services:

ph-consulting group is made up of current and former
business entrepreneurs, corporate executives, legal
consultants and engineers who have been helping
businesses for a long time. We also have a proven
record of performance - and references to back it up.

1. We stand behind the work we perform and intend to be held accountable to you for achieving results!

2. We are experienced and successful practitioners.  We do not preach what ought to work "in theory," just what we truly believe will work for you, based upon our extensive experience and expertise in the businesses we work within.

3. We are committed to helping you taking your ideas from conception to completion.  A lot of business consultants like to talk a lot and tell you what you need to do, but they rarely ever stick around long enough to put anything into practice. When you work with us, we’ll  provide you with new ideas, strategies and solutions to your company’s most pressing issues, we’ll roll up our sleeves and work along side you until we both know we have achieved your objectives.

Having said that, we are not too proud to handle only the work that you don’t feel you have the time or talent pool to do yourself. In other words, we will work collaboratively with you, when you need us, and where you need us, to ensure you get results.