Our Services

Servicing utilities, developers, corporations and private entities in achieving their renewable energy and fuels goals through a partnership approach. 

Typically retained by the investment, financing or development firm to evaluate the specific state and progress of a renewable energy project, product or service offering.

We verify that project attributes and sales points can be documented. Such as:

  • legal verification of landowner contracts and lease agreements

  • turbine suitability based on wind regime and interconnection requirements versus turbine capabilities.

We also assist new renewable entrants onto the North and South American markets in establishing themselves. Both in regard to business plan adjustments to fit the market place and its execution. We play a large role in vetting out potential sub-suppliers.

One of our larger business areas is assisting renewable companies in project development, brokering deals between suppliers and off-takers. We have a large network of clients we assist in paring up specific projects.

Our engineering and due diligence services support investors and owners during project financing, mergers and acquisitions, portfolio financing, and other transactions occurring in the wind, solar and biogas energy industry.

With representatives in Bangladesh, Brazil, Denmark and the US, we have the ability to assist you and your project no matter what time-zone you are in.

Call or e-mail to let us know how we can support your endeavors.

Why use a consultant:

If your company is going through a difficult phase or exploring new project or product areas, you can benefit from an independent and fresh perspective. While you can certainly talk with your current staff or your accountant or lawyer, what you really may need is guidance from someone who has sat in your seat. Why?

  • To gain objectivity. We can bring a fresh, unbiased view to your situation or need, something those close to a situation may have difficulty achieving.

  • We can help you avoid undue staff pressures. Requiring your own staff to mount extra effort when they already bear a full workload will often result in shoddy work and unsatisfied customers. ph-consulting is able to devote full attention to the problem or task assigned.

  • To bring special skills to bear. Some tasks really do require a specialist.

  • To build a bias for action and increase the speed with which you get results

  • To provide focus, clarity, energy and confidence
Full Service System Integration  & Technology Transfer Consulting
Peder Hansen- CTO